Sunday, December 17, 2017

Megat Terawis

The origin of the Megat clan can be traced to the Sultanate of Pagar Ruyung, Sumatra, Indonesia.

Megat Terawis was the first bendahara of Perak and he was the son of Megat Terawan. Megat Terawis was youthful warrior who rescues the Sultan’s daughter, Puteri Limau Purut, who was abducted by the king of Acheh in 1579.

He succeeds but upon his return to Perak he has to deal with his own fellow warrior, who had defected to the king of Acheh out of jealousy of Megat Terawis’ success.

Megat Terawis was known by the title Orang Kaya Bendahara Paduka Raja.
Megat Terawis

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