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Title of Bendahara

Bendahara was a traditional Malay administrative position equivalent to a Prime Minster in today’s context.

In the old Kingdom of Malacca, he was the Sultan’s right-hand man, the chief advisor on public service an administration, diplomatic ties, war strategy, and Chief Justice for all civil and criminal affairs. He was also the controller of the treasury.

He could condemn people of all ranks to death; not even noblemen or persons of foreign nationality were outside his jurisdiction.
The Bendahara families were so respected that various sultans married into them and thanks to the influence and support to these powerful officials, the sons of such marriages usually retained the upper hand in question of succession even though other sons of the sultan had a better claim to the estate.

The first Bendahara of Perak was Tun Mahmud Sri Agar di-Raja of Johore created Bendahara c. 1530 by the first ruler of Perak, Sultan Mudzaffar Shah I. From about 1700, a family of Megats, possibly from Kedah, held the Bendaharaship of Perak, of whom Megat Iskandar is the earliest mentioned in history, who was followed by Megat Terawis.

The most famous Bendahara in Malay history is the legendary Tun Perak.
Title of Bendahara
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