Saturday, November 28, 2020

Kris Pekaka

This is also called Kris Pattani or Kingfisher. The origin of this kris is from Pattani and common in the northern state of Malaysia. Kris pekaka refer to the hilt, which may derive from the bird-herded Garuda, but it is often much more like demon, or one of the gods or demigods of the ‘wayang kulit’ (shadow puppet), though they do not have such long noses.

The term hulu pekaka is a distortion of the name chikakak, a performer in wayang kulit. It is worth remembering, however, that the ‘wayang kulit’ was, and still is very popular in Pattani and Kelantan.

Though wayang kulit characters are two dimensional, these hilts are fully three dimensional and are richly decorated. They have all the features of a human, from the neck, face, eyes and eyebrows, mouth, teeth, nose, chin, right up to the hair and crown top.

A form of hilt showing a demon head with the teeth and tusks and a long nose, though not a beak like the ‘kingfisher’ type. The Patani blade is fairly long, and may be almost or quite as long as a kris bahari.

The blades of this type of kris are always straight, and the weapon is provided with a very long sheath in order, it is said, that the wearer may at a moment's notice kick the blade into his hand by a blow of his heel.
Kris Pekaka

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