Sunday, November 11, 2018

Who is Hamzah Fansuri?

Hamzah Fansuri is the prominent Sumatran mystic and poet of the second half of the 16th and the first half of the 17th century. He completed his religious training in Southeast Asia, in what is now Thailand.

Hamzah Fansuri’s birthplace is the subject of contention. Scholars generally agree that Hamzah Fansuri was born in Barus, a town of north west coast of North Sumatra between Singkel and Sibolga. The name “Fansuri” had been long use to refer to seamen or traders who were associated with that town.

Hamzah Fansuri’s works include:
*Syarb al- 'Asyiqin or ZinatulMuwahhidin ("The Lovers' Beverage")
*Asrar al-'Arifin fi Bayan 'Ilm as-Suluk wa at-Tauhid ("The Secrets of the Gnostics")
*Al-Muntahi ("The Adept")
*Ruba'i Hamzah Fansuri
*Kasyf Sirri Tajalli ash-Shibyan
*Kitab fi Bayani Ma'rifah
*Syair Si Burung Pingai
*Syair Si Burung Pungguk
*Syair Sidang Faqir
*Syair Dagang
*Syair Perahu
*Syair Ikan Tongkol
Who is Hamzah Fansuri?
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