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Silat Olahraga

Silat is a combative art of Malay fighting arts. Silat has changed from defining the hierarchical perspective of the traditional Malay community to sports and co-curricular in the 1970s.

Olahraga means the ability for a silat exponent to perform his silat techniques in combat with striking and defensive actions such as punching, kicking, throwing, catching, parrying and blocking and any skill related to silat techniques.

Silat olahraga can be divided into two categories which are:
*Silat seni (artistic)
*Full contact

Silat seni focuses on choreographed movements and pattern of silat.

The latter is a weight categorized, full contact, unarmed duel of similar concept to other conventional martial art sports like taekwondo and judo. Here, two silat exponents square off on an eight meter diameter circle area. The match consists of three rounds of two minutes each with one minute interval between rounds. Points are awarded for toppling an opponent, successfully defensives blocks, and defensive punches and kicks to the chest, abdomen and flanks, leg sweeps and throws.

Only strikes with either the arms or legs are considered legal. Unlike other competitive martial arts, the launch of any attack and defence movements must be initiated with specific coordinated silat “step patterns”’ otherwise the points subsequently score will be not valid. The exponent scoring the highest number of points or knocks his opponent out, wins.

In silat olahraga there are several types of strikes athletes can use during competition. The assessment of winning or losing is determined by the standard of attack, the defense, the falls and clinching that takes place in the competition.

The fighters are judged on the prestige of their techniques and the beauty of silat that is portrayed. There are several skills that contribute to success in silat performance where every aspect of these skills will contribute to success of the fighter.
Silat Olahraga

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