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Preferred Types of Kris

The krises most preferred are the ones called Simpana, cherita, and Sepukal. The 'kris panjang' (long kris) is typically worn by the nobility and grooms in Malaya. These long kris blades resemble sharp poniards made from Damascus steel. The handles are carved from ebony, adorned with intricate gold designs, and the sheaths are similarly richly embellished with the same metal. In the Malay Peninsula, these krises were even utilized to carry out executions.

In earlier days, Malays didn't place value solely on the amount of gold inlay in their krises; instead, they valued them for their precise proportions as stipulated in their guides. They assessed factors such as the quality of the damask on the blade, its age, and any auspicious attributes it might possess, such as having drawn human blood or possessing supernatural qualities similar to the famed sword "Excalibur." This distinctive attribute was termed 'bertuah,' signifying immunity to accidents and invulnerability. Conversely, the opposite of this was known as 'celaka,' indicating misfortune or bad luck.
Preferred Types of Kris

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