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Melayu Champa

The only part of the continent of Asia, the Malay peninsula excepted, in which the Malays have settled and to which their language has extended is Cambodia, correctly Kamboja, which appears to be a Malayan word.

The Cham people of Cambodia are descendants of refugees from the Kingdom of Champa, Champa was located in today’s Vietnam, between Hue in central Vietnam and Bien Hoa in the South. The ancestors of those early Cham migrated from Borneo of the Malay Archipelago to mainland Southeast Asia and established the Kingdom of Champa in 192 AD.

Champa shows in Chinese records as the most faithful sender of tribute mission whenever the state was well enough organized to do so. The pattern began as early as 284 AD, when the Lin-yi of Champa king sent an official embassy of tribute to China.

Between 950 an 1150 AD Champa enjoyed stability and peace and at least records several long reigns of powerful kings who were able to embellish their capital and assure its security.

The last king of Majapahit in Java married a princess of Champa at the beginning of the 15th century and its inhabitants still professing the Hindu-Buddhist religion.

The connections of Champa with Java and the Malay are best understood as a product of this maritime route for traders and pilgrims between India and Southeast Asia on the one hand and China on the other.

Both the Malays of the peninsula and the Javanese appear to have carried on a commercial intercourse with Champa and the same commerce goes between Champa and the British settlement of Singapore during 1800s.
Melayu Champa

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