Sunday, October 13, 2019

Rencong script

Its strategic location has made Tanah Melayu an ideal meeting point for the Chinese merchants from the east and Indian merchants from the west as well as merchants from all over the world since the first century.

As a result a new international contact was formed between Malays and the internationals. At this point of time, Malays had already have a writing system such as rencong words used by Malays from Acheh, Kawi words used by the Malays of Bugis and Winggi words used by the Javanese Malays.

Rencong, or "Rentjong," is a general term used to refer to any native writing systems found in Malay Peninsula, central and south Sumatra, including Kerinci, Bengkulu, Palembang and Lampung. These scripts lasted until the 18th century, when the Dutch colonized Indonesia.

Rencong scripts were often written on tree bark, bamboo, horns and palmyra-palm leaves. The term “rencong script” was probably first coined by van Hasselt or the script used by he Midden maleis (Middle Malay) speaking.
Rencong script
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