Saturday, July 14, 2018

Kingdom of Tun Sun

Tun-sun was a kingdom situated on the Malay Peninsula during the early part of the first millennium C.E. It was said to have stretched from the east to west coast, controlling a vital branch of long-distance maritime trade.

Tun Sun was the emporium that lay on the great trading route between the Mediterranean and eastern Asia.

“Tun-sun” was briefly flourished during the 3rd century of the Common Era. The History of the Liang Dynasty (Chinese text of the 5th century), describes it as “ the market where East and West meet” –suggesting it was situated on one of the most important trade routes across the peninsula and attracting merchants from both India and China.

Other text mentioned that the country was cosmopolitan with 10, 000 people living there. The city also hosted foreign nationals, especially a large colony of Tamils from southern India. It is also reported that the Kingdom of Tun Sun sent embassies to China.
Kingdom of Tun Sun

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