Sunday, June 17, 2018

Malay poetry

Traditional Malay literature has played an important role of generating knowledge towards producing a noble, well-balanced individual, spiritually and physically, in this world and the hereafter.

Poetry has always played an important role in sustaining languages, as well as in conveying both the "outward" or literal and the "inward" or hidden meaning of words. Poetic expression has the power and the vigour to convey not only a specific message, but also the essential nature of things.

Pantun is one of the traditional Malay poetry that is still popular until today. Malay pantun posses the elements of humour; thoroughly compose for entertainment and insinuation. The hint of humour reflects the uniqueness and creative thinking of Malays. Words selected or diction used clearly shows just how ingenious Malays are in selecting words for humour.

Theoretically, the pantun consists of four lines with the following provisions: the first two lines are called sampiran (couplet) and they shows the pantun of the pantun. The second two lines are called isi (content). The content is the core part or the intention of pantun with crossed pantuns.
Malay poetry

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