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History of Province Wellesley

Before 1786 the island and Province Wellesley(old name for Seberang Perai) belonged to the small kingdom of Kedah.

In 7th July 1786, the British flag was hoisted on the island of Penang after agreed to pay 6000 Spanish dollars annually to the King of Kedah.

The British also attained Province Wellesley by increasing the annual payment to the King of Kedah to 10,000 Spanish dollars. Province Wellesley was not only ceded by the King of Kedah to the Company, but the extent of its boundary defined by the treaty as follows: his majesty agrees to give to the English Company, forever, all that part of the seacoast that is between Kuala Kerian and the river side of Kuala Muda and measuring inland from the sea-side sixty relongs, the whole length above mentioned to be measured by people appointed his Majesty’s and the Company’s people.

The English Company are to protect this coast from all enemies, robbers and pirates that may attack it by sea for north or south’.

The area was then term Points Wellesley which not a very correct designation for a line of coast, was subsequently changed to Province Wellesley.

Province Wellesley was named after Richard Wellesley, Governor of Madras and Governor General of Bengal.

When the British acquired Province Wellesley it was very thinly inhabited; though the population gradually increased, it did not exceed 5000 in 1821.

In the same year King of Ligor invaded state of Kedah, and took possession of it for the King of Siam. Upon this great part of the Malay population abandoned Kedah, put themselves under the protection of the British and settled in Province Wellesley.

The Malays refugees remained in Province Wellesley because British rules offered protection, stability and freedom; political uncertainty continued in Kedah despite the return of King and finally the old Kedah chiefs. 

One British involvement the Malay Peninsula increased, in 1826 Malacca, Penang, Singapore and Province Wellesley were incorporated as the Straits Settlement as a presidency under the control of the East India Company.
History of Province Wellesley
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