Sunday, October 11, 2015

Madrasah Al Mashoor

Syed Sheikh al-Hadi came to Penang in 1893. He then went for further studies at the University of al-Azhar, Egypt in 1897, and returned to Penang in 1899.

In 1919, Syed Sheikh al-Hadi shifted to Penang and established Madrasah Al-Mashoor. He became the first principle of the madrasah.

During his tenure, he played a crucial role in the consolidation of the school in the sense that he transferred it premises from Acheen to Tek Soon Street, where the school got a bigger compound and catered for a large number of students.

In its new premises, the school offered Islamic courses and a set of secular disciplines that were taught in English.

The Madrasah Al-Mashoor was also well known during the British colonial era as a place of radical movement. The madrasah was one of the first Malay-Muslim institutions to ‘pioneer of the modern printing press, publishing not only religious texts, but also journals and magazines that helped to create the fledging imagined community of a literate public in the Malay Peninsula.

The all-boys madrasah began in Masjid Melayu Acheh, near the old warehouses and pilgrimage jetty.
Madrasah Al Mashoor

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