Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Centipede fern or pokok paku lipan

Botanically name Blechnum orientale or centipede fern. The family of Blechnaceae contains about twelve species (six more have been described from China, the center of diversity) found throughout the Northern Hemisphere and equatorial Southeast Asia.

The plant is an important edible medicinal fern in Malaysia. In addition to its use as a vegetable, the plant is documented in ethnomedicine to possess several medicinal benefits in treating cuts and wounds, stomach pain and urinary bladder complaints, typhoid fever and inflammatory diseases.

The Malay called it ‘Paku Lipan’. It is also believed to be used to neutralize the insect poison. The leave of paku lipan is to be grind and paste it to the wound.

The entire plant is reported to be used orally for sterilization of women. Complete sterility is claimed by women after eating the top new leaves for three days, followed by repeating the treatments after giving a gap for two weeks.
Centipede fern or pokok paku lipan

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