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Syeikh Daud al-Fatani

Syeikh Daud b. Abdullah b. Idris al-Fatani was born in Krue Se in 1769 and died in Ta’if in 1847. It was said that Daud al-Fatani had ancestral relations with Wali Songo Malik Ibrahim. Krue se is an old harbor in Pattani where Maulana Malik Ibrahim, reportedly preached Islam before he proceeded to East Java.

His grandfather Syeikh Wan Idris al-Fatani and father, Syeikh Wan Abdullah al-Fatani are both known to have been involved in his early religious education.

Following his early education in Pattani, Daud al-Fatani spent time in a pondok or madrasah before travelling to Aceh where he studied for two years with Muhammad Zayn bin Faqih Jalal al-Din al-Ashi, a leading Acehnese scholar during the period of Sultan ‘Ala’ al-Din Mahmud Shah.

Syeikh Daud reached the Hijaz via Aceh in his late twenties. In the Haramain, Syeikh Daud studied for many years under many well-known scholars from Middle East. It is commonly accepted that he resided in Mecca for 30 years and in Medina for five year.

His earliest dated work was completed in Mecca in 1809 when he was 69 years old and had established himself as a learned scholar. The date of his last work is 1843.

Among his writings:
Hi­dayah al-Muta’allim wa ‘Umdatul Mu’al­lim (1828 M)
Bughyah ath-Thullab
Furu’ al-Masa‘il wa Ushul al-Wa­sa‘il (1841 M)
Sullam al-Mubtadi fi Ma’rifah Thariqah al-Muhtadi (1836)
Nahj ar-Raghibin wa Subul al-Muttaqin (1811 M)
Bugh­yah ath-Thullab
Kitab Al-Bahjah as-Saniyah
Syeikh Daud al-Fatani

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