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Early History of Srivijaya Empire

This powerful empire known as Srivijayan Empire, it was Mahayana Tantric Buddhist kingdom. The Orang Melayu first established the mighty Srivijaya Empire sometime in 683 AD, Srivijayan was possibly the greatest of Southeast Asia’s maritime empire.

It was said that the king left Menanga Tambang with an army of 20,000 men and had come and founded the city of Srivijaya on a place called Malayu in Palembang.

The Srivijaya Empire flourished in southeastern coast of Sumatra during AD 700 – 1200. The empire was well placed for trade because it could trade with India to the west or with China to the east.

The rulers of Srivijaya grew rich through trade. They built up a powerful navy and then a strong empire by using the navy to capture parts of neighboring Java and Borneo.

It had the control of the Malacca Straits, a focal point of trade routes.

The Srivijayans expanded, gaining control of the maritime trade routes between Indonesia and the Malay Peninsula by the 600s.

Srivijaya had established its present in the north of the Malay peninsula as early as AD 775.

In total, Srivijaya was the dominant power in the era do more than 350 years.
Early History of Srivijaya Empire
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