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Tun Perak of Malacca

Tun Perak of Malacca
Tun Perak is regarded as one of the three outstanding man in the Malay world, comparable to Aria Gajah Mada of Majapahit and Raja Senayan of Pasai.

Tun Perak, son of Bendahara Tun Parapati Sedang who assumed the name of Sriwa Raja. After the death of Sriwa Raja, Tun Perak did not enjoy any office instead he went to Kelang to be married and settled in Kelang entirely.

After sometime, the people of Kelang expelled their head man, and came to Malacca to ask for replacement, Sultan Muzaffar Syah asked them whom they wished, they replied, that the Sultan would particularly gratify them by appointing Tun Perak to the office.

When Sultan Muzaffar Shah refused to pay allegiance to the Thai kingdom of Ayutthaya, large Thai army marched overland under Awi Chakra. The Thais were met and routed at Ulu Muar, where great leadership was shown by Tun Perak.

Tun was appointed Bendahara and in 1456 he led brilliant victory over the Thais at Batu Pahat together with brilliant legendary warrior Hang Tuah.

He was an all rounder who even headed the building of Sultan Mansor Syah’s new palaces after the Hang Jebat rebellion.

As a wise man of principle, Tun Perak on a number of occasion made hard decisions that seemed to challenge even the wishes and wisdom of the sultan himself.

Because of Tun Perak’s disapproval, Sultan Mansor Syah had to send the heir apparent and his preference, Raja Muhammad, into exile in Pahang when the latter killed the bendahara’s son, Tun Besar, in a game of sepak raga.

Although ordered by Sultan Mansor Syah to recapture Pasai and despite being capable of fulfilling the command, Tun Perak stayed adamant not to execute the order.

He had Malacca in mind, as he later revealed to the sultan that he had ample evidence that the candidate favored by the sultan was a traitor who would not be loyal to Malacca.

Tun Perak died in 1498 and succeeded by his brother Tun Putih.
Tun Perak of Malacca
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