Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sulalatus Salatin or Sejarah Melayu

The Sulalatus Salatin is considered the most important Malay historical work. Sulalatus Salatin or Sejarah Melayu was written by Tun Seri Lanang in 1612.

The book was about the history, the achievement and the downfall of Malacca empire. The book probably reflects eighteenth-century rather than sixteenth century practices.

It was called ‘the most famous, distinctive and best of all Malay literary works’ by Sir Richard Winstedt, one of the most prominent scholars to study this work in detail during the last hundred years.

The core of the Sulalatus Salatin purports to record the history of the Malay Sultanate of Malacca from the time its establishment in the late 14th century to its fall to the Portuguese in 1511. Later versions also include historical accounts relating to other Malay Kingdom, including Johor and Siak, which postdated that of Malacca.

 Although Sulalatus Salatin was written with the intention of prompting the extremes of the Malay kings, its author did not take this to extremes. On the other hand, the flaws of the Malay kings did not escape the writer’s attention. The most ever criticism is reserved for Sultan Mahmud, who could not resist the sight of a beautiful woman.
Sulalatus Salatin or Sejarah Melayu
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